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Welcome to Campingnstuff your outdoor adventures portal. Why another camping and hiking site you ask? Because here we’ve got all the information you need in one place.

outdoor adventures treehouseOur outdoor adventures portal makes it easy for you to know your essential gear before you start out on any outdoor activity. We cover camping, hiking and backpacking necessities on these pages and other outdoor topics like hunting and climbing as well.

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In every case, all outdoor adventures require some prior preparation and planning. A know how of the material needed as well as a comprehensive idea of what to expect is always a safer route to go especially when heading towards the unknown and unexplored yet areas of this beautiful world.

Outdoor wear promotionsSo we made it easy to tell you a little about the things that you will need as you go along on your outdoor adventures exploring and experiencing the beauty there is. Our references to products are mere examples and we are by no means supporters of one brand versus another. Every person has their style and preferences and we understand that, just like every person defines their outdoor adventures a little differently. So if you find yourself asking what to take for a hiking trip, or why should I need a bear spray, or how much water should I take on these outdoor adventures you can expect to find the answers somewhere along the pages on this site.

Outdoor travelWe also extend to you some ideas on outdoor adventures through guided group travel offered by our travel partners. We understand that exploration does not always mean your immediate surroundings but involves a thirst to go beyond the limits of your whereabouts.
All in all, we hope you enjoy your browsing of our outdoor adventures pages and come back often to visit or leave your valuable comment.

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