About Us

About Us

A little about us: Meet C, the camper, hunter and fisherman, B the explorer, hiker and climber, K the adventurer and N the curious traveler and researcher. We are a team of four enthusiasts who like to experience new adventures and be out in the natural landscapes of the world. We have created this site out of our interest in outdoor travel adventures; camping, hiking, rockclimbing and hunting. Our intent is to promote the outdoors by providing useful information for our readers and keeping up with the latest travel and gear.

CampingNStuff Crew

While many a time we missed a thing or two on our trips, we wanted to keep checklists available for the most important things we’ll need on these outdoor travels. This site features lists, products and essentials as well as some descriptions of various items.

Our team is among the most curious on the planet and our adventurers have been exploring the outdoors for more than a decade. We hope to be part of your experience and provide you with what you are looking for to embark on your own wonderful adventures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage more and more people to be active and get outdoors, by providing useful information, tips, checklists and products on many outdoor activities.

If you like the information you see, why not check out our book: Hiking Comapnion.

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Only a Phone Call Away: A Play about Love and Friendships
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