Arrowheads or points are obviously an essential part of your arrow. They are the pointed tips attached at the end of the shaft. Without the tips, the arrow is incomplete. Arrowheads vary in shape, material, thickness and weight depending on the activity and purpose. You should pick whatever tip is best for each activity you are involved in.

Trophy Taker Tight Point Field TipsBullet Points are arrowheads shaped as bullets. These are best used to penetrate the target with least damage. As such they are great for competition and practice use. Point Field Tips are also used for practice. Like bullet points, these arrowheads are easily removable from your target and will not leave much damage. This is good for removing arrows hitting trees.

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Saunders Bludgeon Small Game HeadJudo Points are also another form of practice arrowheads. They are made to stick to grass preventing the loss of the arrow. For beginners, Judo points minimize buying an excessive amount of arrows. Blunt arrowheads are mostly used for small game hunting. They are mostly made of flat plastic or rubber ends. As such, they are used to shock rather than kill.

Muzzy Phantom Fixed-Blade BroadheadsBroadheads are made of sharp steel blade edges. These arrowheads are designed for large animals, as in big game hunting. They penetrate the target with maximum strength for the kill. Fish Points are arrowheads designed specifically for bowfishing. They are made to easily hook the fish through barbs. Here, the arrows are attached to a fishing line to reel the fish in once caught.

When outdoors hunting or practicing, it is best to keep all your arrows in one place. Once you have attached your arrowheads for your game, use a quiver to protect your arrows. Ideally, you should have a sufficient amount of arrows and points available for your bow hunting games. As you move from practice into outdoor hunting, you will gradually add to your collection of arrowheads.

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