Backpacking Clothes

Backpacking Clothes

When you are backpacking, on the trail or camping, you need the right backpacking clothes. You need comfort and freedom of movement and protection from sun and cold. You want flexibility and quality. Backpacking clothes are durable because they are made for outdoors wear. They withstand dirt as well as the weather. They are designed for comfort and ease with zippered pockets for easy access.

The North Face Men's Taggart ShortYour outdoor and backpacking clothes will vary depending on the weather. In summer, you need lightweight and comfortable clothing. In addition, your clothes’ capacity to quickly dry out from sweat or water is important. Most backpacking clothes are made of nylon/polyester and stretch fabrics that are perfect for outdoor conditions, unlike cotton. Also most known outdoor brands have UV protection clothing against the sun.

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Columbia Quickest Wick Top - Short-Sleeve - Men's Mountain, MFor summer backpacking clothes, cargo shorts are a good idea. Although you may find versatile zippered legs pants are easier and more convenient. A good example is prAna Zion Convertible Pant. In low altitudes, you must protect yourself from the sun. When buying your backpacking clothes look for hats and a lightweight moisture wicking shirt. OR Echo long sleeve breathable hoodie for women is a good combination.

The North Face Men's Venture JacketIn mild weather, keep a breathable fleece jacket in your backpacking clothes compartment. Use it as an outer layer when it is cool or under a rain jacket when cold. In winter times however, you need waterproof backpacking clothes. A breathable lightweight jacket, base layers with waterproof and wind resistant pants like Arc’teryx Beta AR.

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Smartwool Hiking Light Crew Socks for MenSocks are part of your backpacking clothes and must not be ignored. Wool socks, something like Smartwool socks are the best for hiking and backpacking activities no matter the weather. When you decide to step outdoors for your activity, your gear and equipment is not enough. Always wear the right outdoor and backpacking clothes.

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Benefits to wearing outdoor and backpacking clothes

  • Quick to dry
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Sun-protective fabric for summer
  • Moisture wicking
  • Convertible summer styles
  • Waterproof

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