Backpacking Essentials

Backpacking Essentials

Your backpacking essentials will include electronic devices to help you make the best out of your outdoor adventure. These could be GPS devices, solar chargers and maybe an HD camera.

Backpacking essentials Garmin eTrex 30 Handheld GPSIt is very important that you have a sense of where you are going in order to arrive. Your backpacking essentials should include some sort of navigation to find your way around. That is especially true if you are backpacking in areas where you have never been before. The handheld Garmin eTrex GPS is a recommended option for your backpacking essentials.

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Suunto MC-2G Navigator Global CompassHowever, your backpacking essentials may include physical maps instead. In that case a compass for accurate directions will be essential. The Suunto MC-2G Compass is a popular and recommended choice. On the other hand, multi-function watches make for great electronic backpacking essentials. Take the Suunto Ambit; it is a GPS, barometer and a 3D compass. When outdoors, you need these utilities to keep your bearings.

Eton FRX3 Weather Alert Radio for backpacking essentialsEmergencies and weather updates are important to know when on the go. A NOAA weather receiver will keep you informed. Your backpacking essentials will benefit from the added AM/FM reception components. The Eton FRX3 radio is a good device that eliminates power concerns. Powered with a hand crank and a rechargeable battery, it comes with a LED flashlight for your backpacking essentials.


Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit When it comes to electronics, chances are batteries will die. Solar chargers are the outdoor alternative to recharge your devices. Among your backpacking essentials for electronics, consider a recharge unit like Goal Zero Kit. Also, do not forget about communication when out on your outdoor adventure. In emergency situations, a personal locator beacon as part of  your backpacking essentials is your cue for rescue. The ACR ResQLink 406 is a recommended choice.

Sony Action Cam Wearable Camcorder + GPSYou may want to take a camera to record your adventure. You may have enough in your backpacking essentials already to carry more. Consider the Sony Action wearable camcorder for HD image capture. Whatever is your preference, multi-function watches or multiple devices, actual or 3D maps, make sure you have the proper electronic devices necessary out of your backpacking essentials.

Essential Backpacking Gear
Essential Backpacking Gear
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