Backpacking meals

Backpacking meals usually come best as dehydrated or freeze dried foods. The reason is the weight factor and ease of preparation on the go. Variety and taste are also pluses.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Rice Chicken EntreFreeze dried backpacking meals are easy and quick to prepare. Cooking time usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. All you need is hot water and a pot. You can carry water for both hydration and cooking. Better yet is to take a water filter and find the nearest source of water. That way, you can also prepare your own backpacking meals’ recipes.

Another advantage to freeze dried backpacking meals is the variety of ingredients. Because they are made ready to eat, most are pre-seasoned. These prepared portions come as a complete meal. A key advantage to freeze dried backpacking meals is taste. Freeze-drying retains the original taste of food as well as all the nutrients. Since they are pre-cooked and seasoned, the flavors remain.

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Backpacker's Pantry Creme BruleeThere is an entire range of backpacking meals to choose from. Options range from breakfast to entrees to ready to eat dessert. When you begin planning your trip, take a variety of foods for you daily menu. Make sure you have enough for every meal of the day. Backpacking meals have the advantage of variety. They are also portioned for individual or bulk servings.

Organic Bananas - Freeze Dried MealFreeze dried fruits complement your backpacking meals for balance. A variety of crispy fruit on the go provides you with the necessary daily intake you need. Strawberries, apples, bananas are all natural with a longer life span. Also consider refueling energy with a fruity protein bar. Make sure you do not go hungry in between your backpacking meals.

When on multi-day trips, you need to preserve and properly store your food. What better way than already packaged, seasoned and easy to cook meals. Freeze dried backpacking meals are our option.

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