Backpacking stove

Backpacking stove

A Backpacking Stove serves for your cooking on the go. Everyone enjoys the warmth of a fresh meal. Your stove makes it pleasant to cook and prepare any ready to eat meals. When hiking and backpacking, it is not always easy to set fire and camp. Space availability and fire spread are some considerations. A backpacking stove provides a right and reliable alternative for fire.

Jetboil Zip Cooking SystemBecause weight is important, a backpacking stove meets that need. Lightweight and portable, it is easy to carry on any hike. The MSR PocketRocket Stove for example weighs only 3oz. A backpacking stove is compact enough to give your backpack more space. Check the Jetboil Zip stove that comes in a stainless steel cup. This portable package makes it easier to stuff in your backpack.

Camping Gear from USOUTDOOR.comBecause of the light and compact features, a backpacking stove serves one to two people at a time. When backpacking and hiking, it is best to have your own. Your backpacking stove will be useful for heating water as much as cooking meals. The Optimus Crux as an idea offers 60 mns of total burn time with 3mns to boiling point.

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MSR DragonFly StoveA backpacking stove makes it easy and quick to meet your needs. Canister fuel stoves require no preheating with just seconds to ignite. Liquid fuel stoves are also an option especially when cold. A backpacking stove guarantees you leave the premises clean. A liquid fuel stove, like the MSR DragonFly has an easy kerosene refill bottle. A canister stove also has an easy to replace pressurized fuel canister.

MSR Reactor Stove SystemDepending on weather temperatures, your backpacking stove must supply. The MSR Reactor for example is made for all seasons. Wind shield and wind resistance on a backpacking stove are important for effective burn performance on windy days.

Dried nuts, fruits and energy bars are good on the go. But once at your destination, a warm meal does wonders for your well being. Never leave home for more than a day without a backpacking stove.

Emberlit Stove Emberlit Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove
Emberlit Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove
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