Safe Backpacking tips

Safe Backpacking tips

Before you head out, make sure you follow these 11 backpacking tips to get you started. Backpacking is a fun and paced adventure to explore the beauty around you, while escaping into the serenity of nature. For your safety and preparedness, follow these suggestions and ideas.

BackpackingBackpacking tips 1- Begin easy with 1-2 day hikes before going on multi-day adventures. Backpacking is a combination of hiking through trails, then setting up camp for the night. Build up your pace and endurance first.

Backpacking tips 2 – Take your time and keep your pace. Allow yourself to observe the beautiful landscape and listen to the birds or water if any. The more you enjoy, the more you will want to go again.

Backpacking tips 3- Prepare in advance. Get familiar with the trail before leaving and get an estimate of how long it will take. Be aware of permits or closures if any before you leave. Get the specifics of your trip; including who, where and when.

Backpacking tips 4- Comply with weather conditions, the nature of the trail, and type of environment you will be in. That will prepare you for additional items to grab, like sunblock or rain jackets.

Backpacking tips 5 – Play it beforehand. Pack your gear the night before and get familiar with your backpack storage space. Also pitch your tent many times at home, to make it faster and easier at camp.

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Backpacking tips 6- Learn how to pack for minimal weight on your back. Light goes at the bottom, like sleeping bag and clothing. Stove, filter, fuel, first aid go next. Tent, food, water follow on top.

Backpacking tips 6 – Pack your meals relative to your days plus one extra for emergency. Always have enough water available for your trip and/or filters. Consider 2L of water a day.

Backpacking tips 7- Be emergency ready. Take the essentials even if you do not use them. A map or compass, a pocket knife, waterproof matches, a headlamp and a whistle are all necessary essentials.

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Backpacking tips 8- Dress appropriately. Wear the proper shoes. Take a change of socks, sandals if crossing rivers. Be mindful of your feet and consider a sleeping pad to rest your back and feet from all the impact of the day.

Backpacking tips 9 – Directions Please. Stick to the trail. Use the maps if necessary and follow the signs. When in doubt, use the compass or a gps for direction.

Backpacking tips 10- Re-use campgrounds. Set up camp on surfaces indicating others have camped there before. Use existing fire rings and keep your campground as clean as you found it.

Backpacking tips 11- Learn basic survival skills or go with someone who knows. Try learning to tie some basic knots and keep a first aid kit. Get a checklist.

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