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A backpacking water purifier system is of vital importance when outdoors. You must always have plenty of water with you or have access to it when on a trail.

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During summer, the normal intake of water is one gallon a minimum. Besides sun protection, you need to hydrate plenty in those hot days. A backpacking water purifier handy will minimize any risk of illness. When hiking along rivers, streams and lakes, water is always available. Clean water however is scarce, if not impossible to find. That is when your backpacking water purifier comes to the rescue.

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water MicrofilterMany systems are out there and none are better than others. Designed for outdoor activities, they are usually lightweight. The purpose of any backpacking water purifier is to give you clean drinkable water. Filters are one backpacking water purifier system that is durable and lasting. A Water filter is made for heavy duty and so it has the benefit of being used multiple times.

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Potable Aqua Water Purification TabletsWater Tablets are lightweight and come in packages. This type of backpacking water purifier is great for anywhere emergencies. The only downside is the added strange taste to the water. UV purification systems are a fast backpacking water purifier method. UV rays are made to kill anything and everything in the water. This lightweight option operates on batteries, so take some with you.

Camelbak All clear Water BottleFor us, the best and quickest backpacking water purifier method comes in bottles. Hydration bottles and Water purification bottles offer a variety of filtration and sizes that make water instantly drinkable. This kind of backpacking water purifier like the Camelbak All clear is perfect when you are around streams. You can then minimize your load on the trail and carry an instant filtration bottle with you.

Whatever your activity when outdoors, hydration is one of the most important factors to stay alive. You need some sort of a backpacking water purifier along.

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