Bivy Sack

Bivy Sack

Is a bivy sack your choice of preference? Here are some factors to consider a bivouac sack to a tent. This solo ultra-light sleeping bag is designed for backpacking, climbing and outdoor adventures.

Black Diamond Hooped Bivy SackIf you hike solo with the intent to explore, then a Bivy Sack may be right for you. Unlike a tent, it takes no time to set up, which makes it great for fast pace adventures. With a bivy sack, you are up and running as quickly as possible when you wake up.

When it comes to choosing lightweight gear, a bivy sack fits right in. It is even a lighter alternative to a lightweight tent. The extra grams saved leave your backpack lighter when on the move.

Marmot Home Alone BivyIf you are mostly outdoors in fair weather, a bivy sack can be enough. That is assuming you do not mind the open air. An additional Tarp however, could do the trick of an overhead shelter. A part tent, part sleeping bag like Marmot’s Home Alone bivy sack is even better. And because it is waterproof and breathable, it can be used in any weather.

Outdoor Research Advanced BivyA bivy sack also gives you the option to slip a mattress within. In colder weather, this gives you more warmth and less humidity. With an all season bivy, you can go flexible while going lightweight. Note however that a bivy sack may not be best for camping. If you do not mind the additional weight and prefer comfort, go for a tent. If you plan on spending too much time in the camp, skip the bivy sack. If you are planning on going with additional people, definitely pick the right size tent.

Before purchasing, consider the space constraints of a Bivy Sack. Because it is a sleeping bag, there is not much room to move. Whether it zips up all the way up to your face, or leaves it exposed, there is just enough to breathe. If you are claustrophobic, or toss and turn at night, choose a tent to a bivy sack.

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Watch this video by Outdoor Research on how to set up a bivy sack

Emergency Zone Emergency Zone 120 Reflective Sleeping Bag, Multi-Layer Bivy Sack, Pack of 2
Emergency Zone 120 Reflective Sleeping Bag, Multi-Layer Bivy Sack, Pack of 2
Walmart US
Eastern Mountain Sports
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