PSE Wave Bow Fishing Compound Bow RTS PackageBowfishing could be your next sport with some great benefits. It is a fun, easy and rewarding way to develop precision. If you haven’t, try it as an alternative to standard fishing. Bowfishing is best practiced with a recurve or Compound Bow. There is action and more fun in chasing the species rather than patiently waiting for it to come. You can mount your bow for bowfishing purposes with the right equipment. Retrievers, rests and line test can be easily added to a new or old bow.

Muzzy Big Fish Bow Fishing PointMost bowfishing is done in shallow waters or from a boat. This gives you many advantages over your prey. Shooting from an elevated position gives you an advantage of not being seen. Unlike hunting arrows, heavy fiberglass arrows are used for bowfishing. Arrowheads use barb points to secure your fish. The reward is that your catch will not escape after being hit.

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AMSBowfishing Retriever Pro Bowfishing ReelReeling can sometimes be a mess if you are not used to it. With some bowfishing reels, this can be done on an automatic push of a button. The AMS retriever reel has a trigger that does the job for you. A standard fishing reel can also work. For this, you will need a reel seat for bowfishing like the Muzzy Anchor Reel Seat. A bowfishing roller rest holds and stabilizes the arrow. When this heavy arrow is shot, it moves in a stable motion forward. The result is a better straightforward aim.

Muzzy Extreme Bowfishing LineMake sure to aim low and keep your shadow away. For a better view of the fish, Polarized Sunglasses are recommended. Though bowfishing at night time can also do the trick. A normal fishing line will work on small fish. If you are aiming at something larger, get a heavy Bowfishing line. This guarantees your line won’t snap and your catch is safe.

At the end of the day, bowfishing may result you in more fish than you’d expect. Some practice will sure help. Above all however, check your state regulations for required permits before you head out bowfishing.

AMS Bowfishing AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel Combo Kit - Right-Hand
AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel Combo Kit - Right-Hand
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