Bowhunting : What Size Of Arrows Do You Need?

Bowhunting Basics: What Size Of Arrows Do You Need? By Guest Blogger Jennifer Walls

Hunting is one of the best activities I am able to do during my spare time. I get to release tension from stress, and have a breath of fresh air while I’m out in the fields! It takes skill and practice to become a great hunter, as you need good estimation and coordination in order to hunt and kill your game.

Of course, it will also benefit you to have the right equipment. For beginning bowhunters, you’ll definitely need the arrow to target your game. But do you know exactly what size of arrows do you need?

I used to be confused about arrow size and dimensions too. That is why I want to help you out and lessen your frustration when choosing the right arrow for your fit. So let us see the perfect size of arrows you will need when hunting!

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Different Arrow Sizes

Contrary to popular belief, there are different arrow sizes and brands. These depend on the type of bow you use. Different bows come with different arrow designs in order for you to easily shoot your target. Plus, the type of arrows you need will depend on your build and strength, as they have weights as well.

You will learn how to choose your arrow depending on comfort and preference. That way, you’ll have an easier time hunting and will be able to hone your skills efficiently without risk of injury. But the question remains: What is the recommended size of arrows for you, and how will you be able to test it out?

Define Size of Arrows You Need

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Based on Learn Archery, an arrow size refers to the spine (stiffness) of the arrow, and the size or diameter of its shaft. Basically, it is all about the size of the spine, rather than the length of the arrow itself. This will determine how the arrow will hit your target. You will need an arrow with the right length and size.


Choosing The Right Size of Arrows

Based on Archery World:

1. Choose the right arrow length

This can be done through adding 0.5 inches of your draw length. To determine your draw length, you can check calculations online (which may be inaccurate), or check it in your local archery shop. Based on Hunter’s Friend, It’s best to get an arrow 2 inches longer than the arrow length you calculated in order for safety.

2. Choose the right arrow weight

Choose your arrow weight depending on what you will use the arrow for. If you are using it for steady targets or practice, then it’s recommended to have one that weighs 5 or 6 grains per pound of draw weight. If you are targeting game, then it should be 6-8 grains per pound of draw weight. You can check the recommended amount of draw weight for you depending on your size and age. The average is usually 40-45 pounds.

Choosing the size of arrows for beginners

Bullhead arrowsAn easier method would be to visit an archery store to have your arrow size determined depending on your bow and build. If you are just a beginner, then you can use trial and error with the help of an assistant and draw bows, measuring the distance of the grove hole and mark you made when drawing the bow.

There are other methods you can use if you are doing it yourself. You can use a measuring tape in order to mark your arrow length to get the size you need.

It may seem like a complicated process, which is why it’s better for beginners to ask trusted professionals or assistants who will be able to help them. As you advance and learn more about the other features and terms of hunting, you’ll be able to choose better arrow sizes suitable for you.

If you are a beginner at hunting, then it’s best to get the right arrow size! With the right arrow size, not only will you be able to hunt properly, but you’ll have a better and easier time targeting your game. You will be able to find the right arrow size and models for you when looking around your local sports store or online.

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So what are you waiting for? Begin hunting the right way with the proper equipment suited for your build. You’ll definitely have a better time this way, as you will hunt better and be able to advance quickly. Do you have any suggestions or comments on how to choose the right arrow size? Comment it down below!

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