Bug Repellent Clothing

Bug Repellent Clothing

While lotions are good to repel insects and bugs outdoors, there is an alternative with Bug Repellent Clothing. Whenever you are camping, hiking or traveling outdoors, there is no escaping the little creatures in the air.

Outdoor Research Wayward Sentinel Shirt – Long-Sleeve – Men’s” src=”http://content.backcountry.com/images/items/small/ODR/ODR1138/CAI.jpg” alt=”Outdoor Research Wayward Sentinel Shirt – Long-Sleeve – Men’s” width=”100″ height=”100″ border=”0″ />Although a good repellent can last for few hours, with bug repellent clothing, there is an absolute confidence of protection without the need to re-apply any lotion. That also leaves you carrying one less item in your pack. Among the many bug repellent clothing brands we will showcase some Outdoor Research products as an example. They have applied InsectShield into the fabric of their casual bug repellent clothing for outdoor protection. Remember bug bites are harmful and little creatures always surface during summer heat.

Outdoor Research Women's Treadway Convert Sentinel PantsIf you head outdoors wearing bug repellent clothing you are sure to repel any bugs that come. Outdoor Research’s Wayward Sentinel Shirt for example, protects you from both sun and bugs and is great on cooler days. Bug repellent clothing like Treadway Convert Sentinel Pants are versatile and adjustable to weather conditions through removable lower legs. In addition, they can be easily packed into your backpack.

Outdoor Research Sentinel Brim Hat Outdoor Research Bugout GaitersOn hot summer days, keep the buzz away from your ears and protect your covered forearms. Wear a bug repellent clothing Brim Hat and breathable Sun Sleeveshttp://www.lduhtrp.net/b681c37w1-LSTQUTTVLNMOTVMSN to protect against sun exposure and insect bites. When camping and hiking by streams and rivers, bug repellent clothing will prove perfect. Combine that with Bugout Gaiters suitable for kids and adults and keep insects away in meadows and campgrounds.

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Outdoor Research Bug Bivy
For minimalistic trips, combine your bug repellent clothing with a Bug Repellent Bivy. With chemical free netting, it keeps crawling insects away, while being waterproof and lightweight. A beautiful way to relax under the stars, undisturbed. Whether you prefer bug repellent sprays and lotion or bug repellent clothing, always protect yourself from unknown insect bites crawling and swarming in nature.

Repel Repel Clothing & Gear Bug Repellent; 6-1/2 oz.
Repel Clothing & Gear Bug Repellent; 6-1/2 oz.
Tractor Supply Company
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  1. Gelert Jungle Formula Insect RepellentThis product is sohetming that I actively carry through the summer months for general use.In the evenings I burn some commercial oil with a few drops of citronella and lavender this works wonders and helps me wind down.I would certainly not recommend vinegar as a deterent.Avoid using any antiperspirants or deodorisers as these will draw bugs to you. Also watch what you eat as this also effects your bodily odours [leave the sugars at home].

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