Bug Repellent

Bug Repellent

A bug repellent is those few dollars that will make your outdoor experience more pleasant. Bugs, insects and mosquitoes fill the air and grounds and are especially out in the summer.

After Bite Original Insect RepellentIf you ever hiked somewhere where mosquitoes laid the path for you by being constantly in your face, you will understand the need for a bug repellent. Truth is, there is no escaping these little creatures as they are everywhere and part of nature. The only way to keep away from insect bites is to use some sort of bug repellent which keeps them at a distance.

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If you are camping, choose a bug repellent that you can apply to skin, clothes and surfaces. That will cover your table surface, gear and tent space. You will notice, this is especially important when you are outdoors cooking. The smell of food always attracts bugs and flies and all sorts of insects. A bug repellent used on surfaces can keep your food and cooking area clean.

3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion Off Deep Woods Sportsmen repellentWhen choosing a bug repellent, make sure you pick one that has the DEET ingredient. Deet lasts longer and is more efficient that other natural and organic repellents. Deet is also one proven ingredient that works well on repelling both bugs and mosquitoes. Other natural bug repellents without it may not work on mosquitoes. Choose a good bug repellent that lasts the entire day and is harmless on children. OffDeep Woods sportsmen as well as 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent are both good examples.

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Remember when using bug repellent, you do not want to lavish yourself with these products. Use just enough to repel, that is why a good repellent is important. Otherwise, consider bug repellent clothing. Also always keep with you a bug bite relief or treatment. Whatever activity you are involved in outdoors, you want it to be pleasant. Whether you are camping, fishing or hiking, protect yourself from harmful insects, ticks and mosquitoes. Get a bug repellent.

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