Camping Lantern

Camping Lantern

There is nothing like a camping lantern to illuminate the camp when night falls. Nowadays, light and portable lanterns can be used for night hikes, cave explorations, and of course camping.

Coleman Dual Fuel Two-Mantle Powerhouse LanternWhen you are preparing for your trip, take note of your to-do activities. If you plan to cook, go for a night hike, read inside your tent, a camping lantern is an obvious solution. However, in less crowded campgrounds, it could provide comfort and safety. A camping lantern can provide wide camp site illumination just by being hanged on a tree. Fuel lanterns, for example, like the Coleman powerhouse are generally efficient and powerful at spreading light around. If you are preparing an evening meal, this camping lantern fuels the light you need. Cooking and then cleaning become easier when you can see what you are doing.

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Black Diamond Apollo LanternWhen it comes to popularity, however, LED lanterns are taking over. These are battery operated with less intensity than fuel lanterns. Still, the Coleman classic camping lantern for instance, offers both intensity and distance range. A LED compact camping lantern can easily be hanged inside your tent without dangers of fire breaking. With enough light inside your tent, playing cards or reading a book is less strenuous on your eyes.

Snow Peak Hozuki LED Candle Lantern Kids camping gear at campbound.comA candle camping lantern is also a great idea for tent lighting. Although not as strong as a LED lantern, a candle is safer than an actual flame. Usually compact, the flickering candle offers enough light to see around. Perhaps the candle is more of a backpacking than a camping lantern. Yet, it could be of value inside the kids’ tent.

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Fenix PD32 FlashlightBesides a camping lantern, always keep a flashlight handy. Battery operated and portable, most flashlights offer various brightness levels like the Fenix PD35. They are compact for storage and useful in emergencies.

Petzl Tactikka Plus HeadlampLastly, consider a headlamp, like Petzl Tactikka, to complement your camping lantern. If you are the person who is always doing the cooking or playing at something, you will appreciate the beam of the headlamp, especially when reading. Also remember that a headlamp frees your hands on a night hike. No matter what, when camping, you will always have a need for a camping lantern.

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