Camping Sleeping Pad

Camping Sleeping Pad

To ensure a comfort sleep outdoors, you need a camping sleeping pad. Choosing between a foam or an air pad can be difficult if you do not know what to expect. A camping sleeping pad’s benefits are cushioning and insulation. Back support and ensuring your body stays warm on cold surfaces, allow you to get a more comfortably and easy sleep.

Big Agnes Q-Core SL Insulated Sleeping Pad Orange, RegularThere are a few pads to consider for your camping sleep that vary in the use of cell foam or air. The function of your camping sleeping pad is however the same. Let us take a look at air pads. This kind of camping sleeping pad is both comfortable and lightweight which is great for backpacking or camping. Preferably used in warm climate, air pads use air and are manually inflated. Most of the new pads are insulated like Big Agnes Q-Core camping sleeping pad. Insulated air pads are an all season pads.

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Therm-a-Rest ProLite Self-Inflating Air MattressSelf-inflatable air pads on the other hand, use a combination of open-cell foam and air. These camping sleeping pads are mostly those by Therm-a-Rest and are really light for either camping or backpacking use. Self-inflatable air pads provide good insulation and cushioning and do not bounce around as much. You may want to consider carrying a Repair Kit when purchasing a self-inflatable camping sleeping pad.

REI Camp Bed 3.5 Self-Inflating Sleeping PadFoam sleeping pads may be considered warmer and more stable pads. They are lightweight, inexpensive and durable camping sleeping pads. Great for winter though bulky to carry, they offer excellent insulation while being thinly comfortable. For the ultimate comfort and support, an air mattress is the camping sleeping pad. Air mattresses are much thicker than sleeping pads and also the heaviest. Yet for car camping, they are literally your own bed outdoors.

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Whether you choose an air camping sleeping pad, mattress or foam pad, think portability, comfort, insulation first, based on your activity. There is no question however that you will always need a camping sleeping pad for a good night’s rest.

Big Agnes 15F Rock Creek Sleeping Bag with Sleeping Pad
Big Agnes 15F Rock Creek Sleeping Bag with Sleeping Pad
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