Coleman Coolers

Coleman Coolers

Coleman Coolers are a great affordable addition to any outdoor adventure. They come in different sizes to fit your camping needs. That way your food and beverages are sure to stay cold. The Coleman coolers we recommend for camping range between 16-28qt. They are spacious enough for beverage packs and small snacks. They are also fairly compact to be carried easily. Keep in mind, the bigger the crowd, the bigger the cooler. So, which Coleman coolers are best for your needs?  Are most your trips 1-2 people and short, or long and in groups?

Coleman 16-Can Soft CoolerSoft sided Coleman coolers, for example, are perfect for cans and snacks. They conveniently come with zippered pockets for additional gear storage. With different sizes, it is your pick from 9 to 30 cans of space. Size will vary whether you are solo, a couple or a crowd. But, these Coleman coolers are mostly compact with a carrying strap.

Personal Coleman Coolers however, are a little bigger, with a flip lid. They are great for one or multi day excursions. They also come in different sizes from 16-28qt. The 16qt holds 22 cans, while the 28qt up to 36. Most personal Coleman coolers come with an easy hinged lid. Easy for quick access, the lid also becomes a tray.

Coleman Cooler XtremeFor long trips, choose from the Xtreme series of Coleman coolers. They hold the ice for up to six days. They also hold well in 90° F temperatures. Available in 36qt and up, they are suitable for larger crowds. The two way handles allow easier carrying by two people. Proper pre chilling is required for these Coleman coolers to last days.

Lastly, choose the right cooler to last you for many trips. We recommend separate coolers for drinks and foods, for freshness. For both affordability and durability we personally recommend the igloo or Coleman Coolers.


Coleman Coleman Cooler Replacement Accessories - White
Coleman Cooler Replacement Accessories - White
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