Day Hike Checklist

Day Hike Checklist

Essentials of a day hike checklist vary depending on weather and location. However, there is much less to carry if you are not staying overnight. Here are some tips on what to take. For multi-day trips, see the backpacking checklist.

Directions – When hiking, safety is important. Know the trail to follow; add a map or GPS to your day hike checklist. Some trail heads tend to split at one point onto other trails.

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Clothing – Summertime, take sun protection, lip balm, sunglasses, shorts and a hat. For higher altitudes, add to your day hike checklist a vest. Thermal underwear and waterproof jackets are best for winter.

Shoes – Proper hiking shoes on the trail prevent sprains and blisters. Wool socks help wick sweat away on hot days. Sandals on your day hike checklist can be added for crossing streams and rivers.

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Safety – It is always safe to add a flashlight and a first aid kit to your day hike checklist. Be prepared for any emergencies and late schedules.

Pure Bar Organic VarietyFood – Always take your food with you. Your day hike checklist should account for a supply of food for the entire hike. Snacks, bars, fruits, lunch should be a priority.

Hydration – Just as food is essential, water supply is even more so. When on the move, water is crucial to have on your day hike checklist or multiday list. We recommend insulated or filtered water bottles for a day hike checklist. Your portable clean water is all you need. And if you need more, a filtered bottle will do the necessary purification.

Get a great deal on backpacks!Daypacks – Your day hike checklist items will have to go somewhere. Take a daypack, backpack, or a lumber pack. Your choice depends on how much you are taking and for how long.

Balance – Depending on the terrain, you may need trekking poles. These may be optional on your day hike checklist. On rocky, uneven, slippery terrain, those extra legs will help your balance.

Memories – Also optional on your day hike checklist is a camera. Recording the beauty you see on your way, saves these enjoyable moments of your life. Landscapes, springs and beauties are worth a picture.

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You may also add other items to your day hike checklist. Take a sitting pad if you plan to rest a lot, a blanket or a book. Keep with you some hand sanitizers and towels. Add some toilet Paper, wipes, napkins to your day hike checklist. If this is your first hike, take it easy. Make it short, so as not to get sore muscles and still enjoy. In time, your day hike checklist will expand as your hike becomes longer.

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