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Les Mills Combat Fit GroupAt CampingNStuff, we believe it is easier to train when you join a fit group. Whether it is your local gym, a fitness local group, or home programs, the more in shape you are, the more fit for the outdoors you’ll be. We like to think that by the time we are 75 or 85, we will still be active and strong. As such, we like to motivate ourselves by being part of a fit group in clubs and at home. The key is to challenge ourselves with new fitness programs and routine to avoid the plateau effect and to increase our flexibility, mobility, endurance and strength.

Les Mills pump Fit groupWe have found that the best workouts are those that engage in a fit group. High intensity workouts, crossfit routines, plyometric exercises all challenge the body to new levels of fitness. A fit group is your motivation and your challenge mirroring to you your weaknesses and strengths through others. Our latest routine here at campingnstuff has been a combination of the Les Mills workouts; Body Combat and Body Pump. An excellent way to shred extra fat through martial arts moves and gain body muscles through weight training. You can find your own routines at a nearest gym offering Fit Group X classes, or you can own your own DVDs to play at home.

Fit group classes discounts at grouponAnd of course, no routine is ever complete without its complimenting diet. Enough carbs, protein and fats are really essential to your body to function at its utmost performance and for you to gain muscle mass and strength. So while you are part of a fit group, remember to supplement your body with protein for recovery and carbs for energy. Protein shakes are great, but so are these Workout Supplements.

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