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Frisbees – those mini throwing discs are really fun. We are aware they are not an essential element for camping. However playing this game is an affordable form of entertainment outdoors. In those boring moments when camping, discs can be entertaining. When outdoors on a pic nic, it does bring on the action. We refer here, of course, to a casual game of Frisbees.

Tossing that disc back and forth is tricky though. You’d be amazed at how much fun and exercise you can get out of it. It does take endurance to run after these swerving Frisbees. You do need good running shoes for certain. You also will need plenty of water, as you are sure to sweat. Frisbees are fun to play with two or more individuals.

Wham-O Frisbee Golf - 3 PackYou can get a set of Frisbees at a really affordable price. Mind you, there is a tendency to lose these saucers at times. So you may want to be stocked with a few at your disposal. Frisbees are light and available in different weight, of which the 175g is standard. They also come in three ranges of flying motion and speed. Unless you are really into the game, try the mid-range for casual tossing.

Portable Economy DISCatcher® TargetThere are numerous Frisbee golf parks equipped for the sport. You will need however to familiarize yourself with the rules first. You also need to develop your skills to throw your Frisbees efficiently into the disc basket. For camping purposes or when on a pic nic, casual play is the way to go. Because Frisbees are light and affordable, they can contribute to any good time.

There are many ways of entertainment when in groups; cards, ball, Frisbees are just some. Advanced activities like fishing need more skill and patience. But if you are up for a  challenge, try tossing and catching some Frisbees.

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