Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Suit

Military Uniforms & Camo GearA ghillie Suit is a camouflage kind of clothing that employs threads and leaves to change the outlook of a person.  The purpose of the ghillie is a complete camouflage. Worn to conceal oneself from the environment, especially from enemies. Since human beings like animals identify things through shapes, the ghillie suit’s foliage blending helps conceal its wearer.

Camofire daily hunting dealsThe ghillie suit is widely used as Military Clothing during undercover operations. However, hunters use it to camouflage themselves from their prey while hunting. Of course it all depends on the game and activity. The more dangerous the activity, the more camouflage is necessary. Some activities like paintball use the ghillie suit because of the mess of the game.  Choosing a camouflage depends on your activity. When choosing a ghillie suit, look for a Bow Hunter Suit if you plan to go bowhunting. It is designed not to interfere with the bowstring.

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Hot Shot Deluxe Ghillie SuitSome ghillies come in sets of two pieces. You can find an affordable ghillie suit around $99. The better the quality, the less breaking of threads and leaves. You may choose to opt in for the Pants only or possibly just the jacket, or maybe a poncho to keep your legs free. You will also notice the fabric differences of a ghillie suit. Go for the synthetic threads if you plan an all day activity, as it is lighter in weight than a jute made one. In addition, synthetic suits are mostly washable and waterproof.

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The Invisible Advantage Workbook :  Ghillie Suit Construction Made SimpleOn a final note, if you decide to put on a ghillie suit, make sure your other gear matches. Backpack covers, face veils, Camo Face Paint, gloves will complete your entire camouflage. Don’t forget about military clothing or you may just buy a kit and make your own ghillie suit.

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Guide Gear Men's 5-Piece Full Body Ghillie Suit
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