Hydration Pack

Hydration Pack

CamelBak Cloud Walker Hydration Pack - 1098cu in Fiery Red/Gargoyle, One SizeHydration Pack or vest serves as a hydration option for missing water fountains when on the go. Although handheld bottles and waist packs are also very popular means of hydration, vests are easier to carry. A hydration pack is used by many outdoor adventurers like hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers, climbers and so on. Like a backpack, hydration packs are thrown over the shoulder and have many front and side pockets. A hydration pack also contains a water reservoir of rubber or plastic where water can be kept. In addition it comes with a hose or tube extension ending with a bite valve for water access.

Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race VestIf you bike, you may opt for a Hydration Vest instead. Generally, hikers go for a hydration pack with a water capacity of 2-3 liters. Smaller packs of 400 and 700 cu in. run $50 and up. Larger packs of 900 cu in. and more, best suited for hiking and climbing, start at $100. Depending on your activity, remember that stability is key; a smaller hydration pack holds better on your back.

The North Face Enduro Plus Hydration Pack - 580cu inThere are many hydration brands to choose from including camelbacks. The word CamelBak refers to a specific brand of hydration packs that became popular with mountain bikers, but it is not specific to biking. Other good hydration pack brands include Osprey, Platypus, Dakine, Nathan and The North Face.

Bass Pro ShopsMost day hikers, backpackers and climbers carry a pre-installed reservoir fitted for the pack. Some prefer hydration-compatible packs and add their own reservoir. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure you pick a hydration pack that is comfortable and easy to access water from. Lastly, do not forget to clean your pack. There are Cleaning Kits you can get to guarantee safe use of your pack next time. So whatever your activity, avoid dehydration and get a proper hydration pack.

Sandpiper Bugout Back Pack w/Hydration Pocket - Foliage Green 5016-O-FG
Sandpiper Bugout Back Pack w/Hydration Pocket - Foliage Green 5016-O-FG
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