Inflatable Mattress

Inflatable Mattress

An Inflatable Mattress or air pad is your ticket for comfort. A sleeping pad can be used as a temporary bed when outdoors. On rough grounds, comfort, padding and thermal insulation are always pluses.  Here are some advantages to consider.

Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping PadBack support – For starters, an inflatable mattress provides warmth and back support. It can be used when camping or backpacking as an extra layer of cushioning. An inflatable mattress may not be as big as a bed, but it provides the padding necessary for a good sleep. The Air Core by Big Agnes is one of the good camping sleeping pads.

Kelty Good Nite Airbed w/Foot PumpPortability and lightweight – An inflatable mattress is usually very light when deflated. It usually folds up flatly and nicely for carrying while camping and on short hiking trips. A manually inflatable mattress with a Pump works better for camping trips. The added weight of a pump can be easily carried. Whereas for backpacking use, self-inflating mattresses are best.

Therm-a-Rest Luxury Map Sleeping PadWeather compatibility – When outdoors, an inflatable mattress provides padding and thermal insulation while asleep. Air pads like Thermarest can be used in conjunction with a sleeping bag for warmth in cold weather. The same can be used when camping within a tent for added warmth.


Big Brand names – Some known inflatable mattress brands include Big Agnes, Kelty and Alps Mountaineering. Designed best for backpacking use, they are generally lightweight. Aerobed Pakmat is one of the lightest air pads for outdoor activities. A good and affordable inflatable mattress is the Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad.

At the end, there is nothing that beats comfort. For a pleasurable experience outdoors, consider sleep, performance and energy. An inflatable mattress is one sure way to wake up more energetic. On long trips, improved sleep and back pain relief are factors to better enjoyment. Easy, portable and light for any outdoor adventure, your inflatable mattress is a must.

Benefits of an inflatable mattress

  • Comfort
  • Cushioning
  • Back support
  • Better sleep
  • Portability
  • Light weight
  • Easy set up

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