Popup Campers

Popup campers

Popup campers are folding trailers that allow you to go camping anywhere with all the comforts that you will ever need outdoors. That includes luxuries not available within a tent.

new and used popup campers at Camping WorldMany people prefer popup campers to tents for many reasons. Sleeping mattresses and hard surfaces may not be the best option for everyone. Bathrooms and showers can also be a challenge to many. As such, popup campers offer an alternative to enjoying the outdoors while still feeling sort of at home. The fact of being outdoors yet feeling protected and comfortable is a great relief to many. Popup campers include a full kitchen with a dining area, a bathroom and of course sleeping facilities. Although they differ in size depending on models, popup campers are spacious, fold-able and easily tow-able by vans and SUV s.

There are many other advantages to camping in popup campers. These include power adapters, water filtration, TV, lights and AC. Cooling off from extreme heat temperatures in summertime is always easier inside one than in a tent.

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Just because you are in a trailer, however, you still need to be prepared. Popup campers are a convenient way of traveling outdoors, but you need to always have your emergency essentials regardless. Always take extra food, extra clothing, extra water with you. Equip your popup campers with a first aid kit and GPS devices or maps. In addition, be prepared for the travel distance and time spent outside. Give yourself time to arrive early as popup campers require longer set up time than tents. And do not forget reservations when necessary.

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Popup Campers CoversPopup campers are the most affordable when it comes to tow-able trailers. They are mainly made of canvas and are lighter in weight than other fancy hard sided models. In addition, popup campers fold down into a box for easy towing as well as for garage storage. That makes them the most popular trailers in tow-able campers. Despite costing much more than a tent, popup campers save your pocket in many other spending areas for your outdoors necessities. Lanterns, coolers, mattresses, stoves and so on, are no longer a concern when you are camping in popup campers.

Advantages of popup campers

  • Air conditioner
  • Bathroom and shower
  • Shelves and storage
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Kitchen with oven and sink
  • Lights
  • Power system
  • Refrigerator
  • Spacious interior with dining and sleeping facilities
  • Water purification system


3dRose 3dRose Pop-up Camper Set-up Problems, Full Length Apron, 22 by 30-inch, White, With Pockets
3dRose Pop-up Camper Set-up Problems, Full Length Apron, 22 by 30-inch, White, With Pockets
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