Porta Potty

Porta Potty

A Porta Potty is your portable toilet for outdoor adventures. Most camp sites will have restrooms available. But in some particular situations, a portable solution is your option. Foldable and portable, a porta potty is ideal for car camping activities. You can set it anywhere you choose not too far from your camp. A popup shelter for additional privacy is best.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System One Color, One SizeYou do not need to be a city person to recognize the advantages of having your own porta potty system. If you are a little particular about hygiene and privacy, this could be reason enough. Consider however, the urge for a restroom during night time or in rainy weather over muddy terrain. A porta potty spares you or your kid the night walk to the nearest restroom.

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Go Anywhere Toilet KitRemember that camp areas are public areas. As such, public restrooms tend to be swarming with germs and uncleanliness. Your ticket out of this dilemma when outdoors is your own porta potty. Convenience, proximity and privacy are benefits of having your own porta potty. Waste is easily disposable with this modern convenience kit, which makes it a great usage anywhere.

Coleman Large Portable Flush ToiletThere are two kinds of porta potty to consider depending on preference and weight. A self contained portable flush toilet like Coleman toilet, comes with its own water gallon. Durable and sturdy, it is a perfect choice for long trips and RVs.  A lighter alternative is the anywhere porta potty toilet which comes with a disposable waste bag. With three locking legs to ensure stability, and 7lbs weight, this porta potty is a choice for camping, hiking, hunting and fishing.

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TOOB refillable toothbrush
Nemo Equipment HelioPressure Shower
Along the need for a porta potty, consider a solar or Pressure shower. Cleanliness and hygiene are very important regardless of where you are. A Refillable TOOB Toothbrush is also ideal for such activities. Make sure you also grab additional toilet paper, disinfectant and hand wipes. Your investment in a porta potty will come in handy on other long trips, festivals and similar activities just the same.

Perhaps not a very popular item on the shelves, but I’d rather have one then get to the camp and wonder why on earth not! If you can afford it, get a porta potty.

3dRose 3dRose I Survived A Porta-A-Potty Survial Pride And Humor Design, Travel Mug, 14oz, Stainless Steel
3dRose I Survived A Porta-A-Potty Survial Pride And Humor Design, Travel Mug, 14oz, Stainless Steel
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