Rappelling gear

Rappelling gear

When descending the faces of rock formations you need the right rappelling gear. Using ropes and other equipment, you easily and quickly make your way down from the top of a rock to the ground.

Petzl Xion 10.1 Climbing Rope - 10.1mm Blue, 60mThe right rope for rappelling gear is preferably a thick one. A 10mm diameter rope will hold much more friction than a 7mm one. The thicker the rope the less it is to break. When rappelling down over a 100 feet rock, you will need more than one rope. Make sure your rappelling gear has same diameter ropes for joining purposes.

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To descend, you usually tie your rope to a base point at the top of the rock. You can use cams and bolts as such rappelling gear, or make use of trees and rocks as long as your anchor is sturdy and firm. The best way is to hike up to the top and then set up your base point.

Black Diamond ATC Guide Belay DeviceA belay device is your true rappelling gear. A belay acts as a break and stops the friction if you happen to fall. Black Diamond ATC is a common choice. In addition to your rappelling gear you need a carabiner. For more security, use an auto-locking carabiner to attach the rappel device to your harness. That being said, your rappelling gear includes a climbing harness. A harness fits around your waist with loops around your legs. This gives you a comfortable seat for rappelling and short breaks.

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The above mentioned rappelling gear can similarly be used when climbing up the rocks. A harness, belay, carabiners and anchors are still part of your climbing gear. When descending, make sure you take caution so you do not fall far down. You do need a belay to break. You can also go for a figure eight as a rappelling gear.

Your rappelling gear:

Optional but advised:

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