RockClimbing is a risky sport that demands physical strength. Unless you are bouldering or at a gym, you will need equipment. Some special techniques are to be used in climbing which we hope you’d acquire before you start. We do recommend you practice first. Indoor venues provide you with experience before you head outdoors. Check your local listing for RockClimbing indoor activities.

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Scarpa Charmoz GTX Boot - Men's Silver/Blue, 42.5Before you begin, consider the proper rockclimbing attire you need. These include Climbing Shoes, a climbing helmet and Belay Gloves. Proper footwear insures a better foot grip over a rock surface. A helmet protects your head against a slip and falling rocks. Gloves protect your hands in holding to rope and rocks when rockclimbing.

Black Diamond Bod HarnessThe most essential rockclimbing gear includes a Harness, a rope and a belay. A harness wraps around your waist with two leg loops. It secures your attachment to the rope, when going up or down. A belay device controls the rope feeding and minimizes your fall. In rockclimbing, a belay is also known as a rappel. The Figure 8 serves as a popular brake tool.

Black Diamond Positron Screwgate CarabinerRockClimbing involves both ascending and descending over rocks. Because it is dangerous, rope clipping is essential for safety. Clipping is done using connectors called Carabiners. When rockclimbing, quickdraws made of two connecting carabiners are used. These loop gates secure your rope to anchor points within the rocks as you climb up.

Metolius Astro Nut Packaged Free Set #6-10Next you will need temporary anchors known as passive protection metal blocks for rockclimbing. Nuts and hexes are used to fit within rock cracks making it more secure to hold a fall. These fixed bolts hold your rope should you accidentally fall. And lastly, you should already know that you will need a good rope for your rockclimbing activity.

We do hope you practice and develop your skills as you get excited about rockclimbing.

Equipment and optional gear:

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