Wilderness Survival Kit

Adventure Medical Weekender First Aid Kit One Color, One SizeYou should always have a wilderness survival kit available for any disaster or emergency situation. Emergency preparedness is essential when going on outdoor adventures, as accidents happen and unexpected things may come. Your wilderness survival kit can be a combination of existing adventure kits or prepared from scratch. There are however essential items to consider for safety, survival and some basic comfort.

Adventure GPS and electronics at REI Should you lose your way on the track, it is essential that you have some sort of navigation. Your wilderness survival kit can include basic compass and map combo or advanced GPS systems. If you opt for a map, get one that is water and dirt resistant. A detailed map should be kept in your wilderness survival kit to trace your steps, not a simple layout of the trail. It also helps to have communication besides your cell phone. Your wilderness survival kit should have a Two-Way Radio or a rescue whistle.

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Fenix LD01 Mini Constant Circuit FlashlightIn addition to having navigation as part of your wilderness survival kit, you need light. When night falls you need assistance to see ahead. A mini flashlight, a headlamp or even a lantern provide great outdoor illumination. And do not forget the extra batteries. In like manner, your wilderness survival kit should include fire. Check waterproof matches or a Fire Starter for emergency survival fires.

Mountain House Chili Mac w/ Beef - 1 Serving EntreeIn some disastrous situations you are forced to seek shelter during night time to rest. A tarp or a bivy sack in your wilderness survival kit will serve as your emergency cover. That takes us to nutrition and hydration as essentials to your wilderness survival kit. Always make sure you have extra pre-packaged food and water just for emergency.

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Patagonia Rain JacketDepending on the weather, you should always keep extra clothing with you. In your wilderness survival kit, include insulating or rain jackets. Protection for your body against temperature changes is also essential. Lastly, you should have some basic first aid supplies for those cuts and injuries. Along your medical needs, your wilderness survival kit should also include repair kits for your gear.

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Wilderness Survival Kit Essentials:

  • Extra clothing – Warmers, jackets, hats, gloves, vests
  • Extra water and food – Water purifiers and MRE
  • Fire – Fire starters, waterproof matches
  • First-aid – Medical and adventure kits
  • Illumination – Flashlights, headlamps and batteries
  • Location – GPS, compass, waterproof maps
  • Protection – Bear and insect repellent, lip balm
  • Shelter – tarp, bivy, tent, blanket
  • SOS – two-way radio, howler whistle
  • Tools and repair kits – Multi-pocket knife
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