Write for Us

Write for Us

Want to share your stories and images from your outdoor camping and hiking trips? want the world to know about a wonderful place to hike or camp? Share it with us. We are looking for your photos and stories to include in our new camped here and hiked here series on our blog pages. We encourage you to share with us these images and experiences from your hiking and camping adventures. Where did you go, what did you see and what did you do? This will encourage others to visit areas and grounds that may not be as popular or as frequented as the top national parks that everybody knows. We also accept “how to” articles and innovative DIY options for outdoors and camping.

hikedhere-Red Rock Canyon

Once your article has been submitted, please allow us a week to reply on whether your article has been accepted for publication. All articles accepted for publication may be edited for clarity and brevity with a possibly title change, so you might want to suggest some alternatives.

Before you hit send, make sure you follow these guidelines:

  1. Articles should be roughly 400-800 words or so of body text written in your own subjective natural voice.
  2. Articles should be original to the author and unpublished elsewhere.
  3. Articles should aim to offer readers a perspective or advice on a camp ground, hiking trail or a practical how-to tip about a specific topic or approach related to camping and/or backpacking world.
  4. At the beginning of your article, list two or three bullet points summarizing its key elements as an introduction to the takeaway of your article.
  5. Include a brief bio of at most 25 words and a headshot, to be published along your article, or if you prefer a link to your own page or website/blog.
  6. Include any relevant links in parentheses, such as a third party map or description. Do not include promotional links to other websites or products or your article will not be considered for publishing.
  7. Submit articles in Word format (no PDF files, please), as email attachments. Send submissions to info@campingnstuff.com. Include Article contribution in your email subject line.

Final notes:

As the author, you retain copyright of the material submitted.
We do not pay for article contributions.
We do not publish press releases.

We hope to hear from you on where you’ve camped and hiked.

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